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Jay Sean - City Girl - текст песни, видео

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Jay Sean - City Girl - текст песни, видео

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[verse 1:] 
It's the same train, it's the same time girl, 
Every morning on the central line girl, 
Look at you, you look at me from a far (Baby I) 
Gotta say I fantasize each day, 
Think about it with my mind on replay, 
But I can helped if I just came up to talk, 

This time it's there, I won't pass, 
I give ten, I won't less, 
Hey City Girl, before you go your way, 
Hey City Girl, Girl I just get your name, 
Hey City Girl, we can hang out some day, 
Hey City Girlll (baby) (hey city girl), 

[verse 2:] 
Girl I'm feeling that girl tonight, 
Have you ever had city girl style and, 
With a ponytail that turns me on (so fine) 
In the winter you'll be rocking still toes (toes) 
In the summer its the open toes (toes) 
Girl I watch you the whole year long, 


[verse 3:] 
You still the same my same in front of you try not to stare (stare), 
Got that starbucks in your hand and i-pod in your ear, 
The metro's on your lap but I can tell its where it's too, 
But you ain't ready cos I caught you watching me too, 
So now 

[chorus x2] 

City girl...
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