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Jawbreaker - Imaginary War - текст песни, видео

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Jawbreaker - Imaginary War - текст песни, видео

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Underwater screams, 

he is so far gone. 

Drowned out by the unseen powers in unseen ways. 

Fists clenched to fight, 

It's a fearless wall. 

Takes your soul and grinds it all. 

Let it go. 

Some things aren't meant to be now. 


Why fight a war that's been decided? 

Change your course. 

Feel out your enemy now. 

Realize you can't fight a war without a weapon. 

Ran off to war but you couldn't find the battlesite. 

Seems you missed the fight. 

It's imaginary. 

Causes, clauses clog your mind with their spite. 

Like the preacherman who lectures hard on supersin, 

He's soon found out in bed. 

Too long engaged sleeping with your ideas. 

Now you're your best source. 

Arms pinned to your side. 

Your mind's on fire. 

It's got you firmly in its grasp, 

A keyless clasp. 

If you had an edge you just might cut loose. 

But you've been dulled with age and ease. 

Your muscles seized. 

Please beware. 

You should prepare yourself now. 


Don't come to class without your homework. 

Resign yourself. 

It takes work to make it here now. 

Добавлено: 27.06.2012
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