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Jawbreaker - Down - текст песни, видео

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Jawbreaker - Down - текст песни, видео

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This is the world, 

Why are you waiting? 

Everyone's standing by hesitating. 

So many people halfway there. 

Between two points in the middle of nowhere. 

And all those things you thought you'd be. 

Did you know that it doesn't come free? 

Have you seen yourself of late? 

Standing still beside the kill. 

Have you really got your fill? 

Time to try for more than that. 

At times your feet they seem to slide. 

Never stop. 

Never break your stride. 

And if you slip you can get up. 

Get up! 

That's the wonder of the winner's cup. 

Put your foot down. 

Into the shaky ground. 

Piss around a circle and make it sound. 

Look around. 

See the people lying down. 

Listen now. 

Can't you hear the sound of machines all breaking down. 

The fuel is running out. 

The severed lines destroyed by too much time spent down. 

My head forced down. 

My hope forced down between my legs. 

I come unwound. 

All my preaching stems from fear. 

You're my concern. 

I hold you dear. 

You must break out of this old cage. 

Do it now. 

This is no longer safe.
Добавлено: 09.05.2012
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