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Jason Derulo - Cyber Love - текст песни, видео

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Jason Derulo - Cyber Love - текст песни, видео

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We back 
I am digital MIMS 
I'm the king of the web 
I ain't no R&B singer but still I put you to bed 
Show you how that super charge ride 
Call that a hard drive 
You get it? 
A hard drive 
And I'm passing them by like false side 
I'm worldwide 
Ya'll just want me to feel 
100 foot docs 
The world is mine 
Coming soon (soon) 
Til that time I bring you... 


Cyber luv (x 8) 
Let's GO 

I say your place or mine? 
What's your address on line? 
She said www HOTGIRL 
Added her as a friend 
She wanted me to log in 
So I could www ROCK HER WORLD 

Freaks like me just want to get physical 
Who says we can't get far 
Love is digital 

Cyber (Cyber) Luv (x4) 

I don't want to turn you off 
But put your Micro-soft 
Something on your website is making me hard drive 
How'd you like it if I took you world-wide (world-wide) 
We could get in to in back at my space 
You could be my top friend 
You could bring a few friends 
If you're that kind of girl 


Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Mmm) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Yeah) 

Cyber Love (x8) 

Let's GO 
I know you want me to press some key to be with you 
And if we get closer download me to your bedroom 
Tell me your password so I can get in 
Press down the shift key so we can begin 

You Got Mail (x 8) 


Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv (That's cyber love) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv (Oh, Yeah) 
Cyber (Cyber) Luv 

Cyber Love (x4)
Добавлено: 05.07.2012
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