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Jason Boland - Rich Young Dumb Nymhomaniac - таба, видео

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Jason Boland - Rich Young Dumb Nymhomaniac - таба, видео

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Rich, young, dumb nymphomaniac
Title:  Rich, Young, Dumb, Nymphomaniac
Artist:  Jason Boland and the Stragglers
Songwriters:  Patrick Daley
Copyright: ASCAP/BMI
Tuning: Standard


single strum first and last verse    

([ch]G[/ch]) well welcome everybody to ([ch]C[/ch])Willies place                                
You can ([ch]D[/ch])pull up a chair or you can ([ch]G[/ch]) pull up my face                     
([ch]G[/ch])we got everything, the ([ch]C[/ch])only thing that we lack ([ch]D[/ch])is a rich young dumb 

([ch]G[/ch])I wanna rich youg dumb nympho([ch]C[/ch])maniac 
To ([ch]D[/ch])drive me around in her ([ch]G[/ch])cadillac
([ch]G[/ch])If she's not down on her knees she will be ([ch]C[/ch])flat on her back
I wanna ([ch]D[/ch])rich youg dumb nympho([ch]G[/ch])maniac 
([ch]G[/ch])we'll give her great big([ch]C[/ch])tits and a little bitty ass
a ([ch]D[/ch])fucking machine that never runs out of ([ch]G[/ch])gas
([ch]G[/ch])a body like nobody's ever ([ch]C[/ch])seen before
([ch]D[/ch])she recently inherited a liquor ([ch]G[/ch])store
([ch]G[/ch])well she doesn't wanna marry and ([ch]C[/ch])she doesn't wanna fight
([ch]D[/ch])she doesn't give a shit if I stay out all ([ch]G[/ch])night
([ch]G[/ch])I bring home another woman she just ([ch]C[/ch])gives me a smile
([ch]D[/ch])take of our clothes then we fuck in a ([ch]G[/ch])pile
([ch]G[/ch])Make her a magic fingers mama that ([ch]C[/ch])can roll up my doobs
([ch]D[/ch])the best in the west at cooking chinese ([ch]G[/ch])food
([ch]G[/ch])she doesn't like to shop and ([ch]C[/ch])she don't wear clothes
([ch]D[/ch])she always compliments me on the ([ch]G[/ch])size of my hose
([ch]G[/ch])we'll make her three feet ([ch]C[/ch])tall
([ch]D[/ch])and stand about to ([ch]G[/ch])here
([ch]G[/ch])with a flat spot on her ([ch]C[/ch])head 
([ch]D[/ch])so I can rest my ([ch]G[/ch])beer
Добавлено: 18.07.2012
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