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Jars Of Clay - Oh My God - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jars Of Clay - Oh My God - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Matt Odmark, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell, Dan Haseltine
Авторы текста: Matt Odmark, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell, Dan Haseltine
Oh My God
Jars Of Clay
This tab may look intimidating at first, but just look through it and try it along with
track the first couple of times, and my crazy descriptions make more sense. It really is
easy, and I hope this tab lives up to what you wanted out of learning this song.

For the first three verses, the chord is played by first plucking the note listed below,
strumming as shown (a lowercase direction means the strumming motion is made, but the
are not hit, where an uppercase direction means the strings are hit)

Strumming Pattern:   PLUCK DOWN up down UP DOWN UP down UP DOWN UP down UP DOWN UP
for all chords until noted)

Chords and First Notes Played:

Am7 - Open A string
F - F on low E string
C - C on A string
Gsus4 - G on low E
(for the the Gsus chord, it changes from a Gsus to a G at the second up strum you hit)

      Am7                    F
Oh my God, look around this place,
Fingers reach around the bone,
            Gsus4                G
You set the break, you set the tone,
            Am7                F
Flights of grace, and future falls,
            C            Gsus4     G
In present pain, all fools      say,
       F   C   G    F   C   G
Oh my God

(This pattern continues for the next two verses)

Oh my God, why are we so afraid?
We make it worse when we don't bleed,
There is no cure for our disease,
Turn a phrase, and rise again,
Or fake your death, and only tell, your closest friends,
Oh my God

Oh my God, can I complain?
You take away my firm belief
And graft my soul upon your grief
Weddings, boats, and alibis,
All drift away
And a mother cries

(Here it is silent until noted. When the chords are played, they are just strummed
out, there is no introduction note)

Liars and fools, sons and failures,

Theives will always say
               F    G
Lost and found,   ailing wanderers,
  C             F
Healers always say
  Am7               G
Whores and angels, men with problems,
  C             F
Leavers always say

(The rest of the chords are as above until noted)

Broken hearted, seperated,
Orphans always say
War-creators, racial-haters,
Preachers always say
Distant fathers, fallen warriors,
Givers always say
Pilgrim saints, lonely widows,
Users always say
Fearful mothers, watchful doubters,
Saviors always say

Sometimes I cannot forgive
And these days mercy cuts so deep
If the world was how it should be
Maybe I could get some sleep
While I lay I dream we're better
Scales were gone and faces lighter
When we wake we hate our brother
We still move to hurt each other

(The chords for the rest of the song are as above)

Sometimes I can close my eyes
And all the fear that keeps me silent
Falls below my heavy breathing
What makes me so badly bent
We all have a chance to murder
We all feel the need for wonder
We still want to be reminded
That the pain is worth the thunder

Sometimes when I lose my grip
I wonder what to make of Heaven
All the times I thought to reach up
All the times I had to give up
Babies underneath their beds
Hospitals that cannot treat
All the wounds that money causes
All the comforts of cathedrals
All the cries of thirsty children
This is our inheritence
All the rage of watching mothers
This is our greatest offence

Oh my God, Oh my God,
Oh my God

Listen to the song to hear how the strumming is at the end, but really just play around
it until it feels right. At the end, let the last chord ring out, and it gives a great
on the meaning of the song. Enjoy!

                        Eric Bersin
Добавлено: 22.05.2012
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