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Janitors Inferno - Snowman - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Janitors Inferno - Snowman - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Janitors Inferno
From Mon May 12 13:24:46 1997
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 23:21:44 +0000
From: Anton Olsson 
Subject: CRD: Snowman by Janitors Inferno

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by Janitors Inferno
Tabbed by me, Anton Olsson,

      Cm   Eb   Bb   F   G   Ab
E     3    x    6    1   3   4
B     4    8    6    1   3   4
G     5    8    7    2   4   5
D     5    8    8    3   5   6
A     3    6    8    3   5   6
E     x    x    6    1   3   4

Now, let?s go on with the tune:


Bb      G

Bb                 Ab
Hanging, hanging so high

        Bb                              G
I want more of this stuff, my brain is dry

    Bb             G
I?m chewing my own flesh

        Bb                            G        F
But the saints, smiling, make me feel good, so good


Cm   Eb     Bb         F
Everyday, I follow the nowhere-trace

Cm                   Eb           Bb            F
Thought that I could make it, but now I have to fake it.

Cm   Eb      Bb             F
Everyday, my nexus seems to slide away

Cm                 Eb         Bb             F
Surpressing all my losses and locking snowmanoffers    But can you

Verse 2:

Bb                         G
smell it? If not, should I tell?

       Bb                                                     G
A disappointment, att this summit, (will) cause a mud - and - peat

            Bb                           G
But can you smell it? If not, I swing me up

        Bb                                     G     F
Can you smell it, a hurricane blaster cleaning up


Guit. Solo:

Cm              Eb          Bb                     F

The rest of the lines are nearly impossible to take out, cause the man
uses som kind of phaser or something, and he plays the tones very
fast. And the way he plays it, gushhhhhhhh.....that?s a REAL
I just know that the solo goes with the chords Cm, D#, A#, F....

      F   G Ab                 Bb
Don?t pursuit what you can get money for

F   G  Ab                    Bb
Let it leak - cut it 'til it sings no more

F  G  Ab                  Bb
If it begs, rip it til it sings no more

F  G      Ab      Ab   G      F
If you?re feeble, stay in the lush


Cm   Eb    Bb       F
Everyday I join the monkey fair

     Cm             Eb            Bb               F
They say they wanna shrink me and turn me (in)to a limpet

     Cm    Eb Bb           F
Just persuade I don?t mind stiff to stone
Cm              Eb       Bb        F
Wish I could do better - manage to get alo - o - one, yeah

                If you have any comments or questions, just mail me:
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