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Jamie Foxx - Wedding Vows - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jamie Foxx - Wedding Vows - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wedding Vows
Jamie Foxx
Wedding Vows            
by Jamie Foxx

***This is my first tab :) and I know I'm missing some jazzy chords Jamie Foxx played. 
Please give me some corrections/suggestions***

Intro: Am D G D

          G   B7  Em  
Well its been 5 years
Dm  G          CM7       D 
   Can't hold back my tears
 G          CM7     Bm7       Abdim       Am7        D
Cause I'm just so happy I'm marrying an angel today oooo

      G    B7   Em   A
As I take your hand
D      G       CM7     D
   I pledge to be your man
  G       CM7             Bm7
I vow to love to hold to cherish
    Abdim        Am7      D       G
And never disrespect the love we share

CM7               Bm7
  I'll be honest I can not lie
There'll be real good days
There'll be some bad times
Eb                           Bb
  I'll be standing right be side you my sweet baby
           Am          D
With the love of mine

          G    B7      Em
And you take this ring
Dm  G     Cm7                               Bm7
   And I place it on your sweet and lovely hand
Dm G CM7
     We will show our kids
Bm7                   Abdim
They will tell their kids
      Am7          Cm/D
What mom and daddy did
On the day I married my angel
Cm7             G
I love you my angel
Добавлено: 03.06.2016
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