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Jamie Foxx - U Still Got It - текст песни, видео

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Jamie Foxx - U Still Got It - текст песни, видео

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Woman:Do I look fat to u?
Jamie:Baby u know I love u
Woman:That's not what I asked u

Verse 1

Uh uh uh uh
Girl I know u're going crazy
Let me help u understand
That u about to have my baby
And we about to be a fam
Don't u know when we got married 
We'd be true through thick and thin
Well I know u're looking thick now
But I'm with u til the end


U still got it girl 
Everyday every night u know u rock my world
Don't u know that u still got it
And ur emotions flowing cause u know that u're body's growing
Don't u know that u still got it
Them jeans are snug well I ain't mad at that baby it's just more to love
Oh baby ur loves crazy cause u having my baby
And there so much more to love

Verse 2

See u walkin through the mall now
U see then outfits that u like
Oh but u scared to try them on now
Cause it just won't fit u right
And u steady watching Oprah trying to redefine ur life
But as long as u're my lady I don't care about ur size
Ur hair (I know)
I know ur feet r swelling
No need to cry I dig the thighs that's why Im telling u
U still got it baby


Common's Rap

Took a look at my lady and my day begins to shine
I told her that baby being beautiful is a state of mind
And u are so had to let ur mind and heart know
As u grow the more the more I see GOD glow
I know it's probably strange seeing ur body change
Can't fit ur clothes nose ain't the same 
But love still remains it won't vary with me
Look at u and smile thinking damn she carrying me
A life we created we can cherish forever
U grown but it's sexy the sex is even better
But through thick and thin pickles and peanut butter
As a devine mother, queen and supreme lover
U still got it


I know that u still got
Don't u know that u still got it

Fades out
Добавлено: 07.04.2012
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