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Jamie Foxx - Bed Springs - текст песни, видео

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Jamie Foxx - Bed Springs - текст песни, видео

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[Jamie Foxx {Adina Howard}:]
Climb On Up On My Bed 
I'm Gone Grab Between Your Legs 
And Turn You Over 
Love You Down Yea
We Be Making Freaky Sounds All Night 
Heres My Pillow 
When You Need It Yea
Just In Case You Get To Screamin 
Well Don't Wake The Neighbors 
I Just Moved In Yea
They Just Might Be Listening In
When We Work The 

{Bed Springs}
Up And Down Back And Forth 
{Baby Work The Bed Springs} 
I Got What Your Feining For. 
{Can You Work The
Up And Down Side To Side 
{Baby Work The Bed Springs 

[Jamie Foxx:]
I'm Goin To Take It Nice And Slow {Nice And Slow}
Form My Bed To The Floor 
I'll Hold You Gently In My Arms Yea 
Cuz Girl I Know Your Love Is Warm Ohhh Yea
{I'm Feining, Thribin For You Over Me} 
From The Bed Room To The Kitchen Table I'm Able
{Anything You Wanna Do I'm Willin}
I Know That You're Givin Baby
I'm Able 
I'm Stable 


And Your Body's Lyin Next To Mine 
I Can Fill Your Side Up And Fown My Spine 
Like The Way I Ki-Iss You On Your Lips 
{Baby Work The Bed Springs!} 

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