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James - Gonna Find My Way Thru - таба, видео

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James - Gonna Find My Way Thru - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
This song is awesome! hope you enjoy.

Verse 1
   C             G
My life as it is has no meaning

Am                      G
where I'm headed or the things I believe in

C                 G
Aching inside but nobody cares

Am                        F
surrounded by emptiness I just cant bare

Pre Chorus

       C                                   G
But if I could change my life then maybe I would

F                     G 
looking back, I don't think I could. 


F            C              Am    G               
The good old days were like yesturday

F       C            Am     G
what we had has been thrown away

F       C                Am     G
doesn't matter what they say or do

F       C                Am     C
I don't care, gonna find my way thru 

Verse 2

C                                  G
Hiding in shadows all my life as a ghost

Am                                  G
turning your back on me hurt me the most
C                                    G
I was always there when you needed a friend
Am                                      F
would it be different if I had money to spend

Pre chorus

Verse 3

C                     G
my head is messed up, my heart is bleeding
Am                       G
my brain is fried and my body is grieving
C                  G
cant take anymore, I just wanna die
Am                                     F
end all this suffering, corruption and lies

Pre Chorus 
Chorus  (repeat last line)

Verse = C G A G / C G A F 

Pre Chorus = C G F G

Chorus = F C Am G / F C Am C 

Verse (Plucked)

      C             G           Am           G
G--0---0---0--|-0---0 --0--|-2---2---2--|-0—--0---0--|

      C                G            Am             F
G--0-- 0----0--|-0---0-----0--|-2---2----2--|--2---2 ---2--|

Chorus (Plucked)

         F             C           Am             G
e --------1----|-------0----|-------0-----|------3-------|
D ----3--------|----2-------|----2--------|---0----------|
A --3----------|--3---------|--0----------|--------------|
Добавлено: 08.04.2012
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