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James Taylor - Blossom - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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James Taylor - Blossom - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: James Taylor
Авторы текста: James Taylor
James Taylor
Hello everyone, so this is my first tab ever. I wanted to simplify the song for everyone who feels like 
reading a full tab takes to much time. You can simply arpeggiate most of the vesres keeping your ring finger 
on the b string third fret (d note) moving the bass note around and it should sound ok.
I straight up copied and pasted a portion of JP villanueva's other tab for a piece of the chorus. 
SO I take no credit for that part. JP villanueva did great on the tab so thanks for that.
Cheers and hope it makes it easier!

Capo on 5th

D        C/D         B/D               G   F#/D    E/Asus    Asus
Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way lately, I've been lonesome. 

D        C/D       B/D             G     F#/D    E/Asus        Asus   
Blossom, it's been much too long a day,  seems my dreams have frozen,

F       G     Asus
melt my cares away. 

e|------- ------- ------- -------|------- ------- ------- -------| 
E|3---------------------------3--|----2-------3-------2----------|          E7       Asus  A7

  Send    the sunshine        down    my      way     whenever         you Call  my name

(second time is the same w different lyrics)                               
                                                                            E7       Asus A7
  I   know    what    you     mean    to      say     to      me,  Baby its all the same

D        C/D       B/D           G      F#/D    E/Asus  Asus
Blossom, there's an empty road behind,  sit you down beside me. 

D       C/D       B/D               G     F#/D      E/Asus Asus
Blossom,there's a sweet dream on my mind,  there's a song inside me

F           G      A
take these chains away.

repeat middle part

repeat verse 1

D        C/D       B/D           G      F#/D    E/Asus  Asus
Добавлено: 30.09.2014
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