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James Morrison - Last Goodbye - аккорды и текст, видео

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James Morrison - Last Goodbye - аккорды и текст, видео

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Last Goodbye
James Morrison
James Morrison
The Last Goodbye
Album: Undiscovered
Transcribed by "sketches2"(from Japan. my poor English sorry.)

verse(key:E) : E-C#m  /  F#m-Abm-A-B-C#m / F#m-A-B-E
chorus(key:D) : Bm-Em-F#m*-Em-A-F#m*-B-E

this song is the most favorite in Jame's.
great key changes and beautiful chord progressions in the chorus.


           E                      C#m
I don't believe you, And I never will,
            F#m         Abm
Oh I can't live by your side
          A       B             C#m
with the lies you've tried to instil,
         F#m       Abm
I can't take anymore,
          A       B          C#m
I don't have to give you a reason
For leaving this time
     A          B       E
Cos this is my last goodbye


It's like I hardly know you
but maybe I never did.
It's like every emotion you showed me
you kept well hid,
and every true word that you ever spoke
was really decieving.
Now I'm leaving this time
cos this is my last goodbye

I've gotta turn and walk away,
I don't have anything left to say
I haven't already said before
and I've grown tired of being used,
and I'm sick and tired of being accused.
Now I'm walking away from you,
     B                            E
and I'm not coming back

Добавлено: 12.06.2012
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