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James Gang - All I Have - аккорды и текст, видео

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James Gang - All I Have - аккорды и текст, видео

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All I Have
James Gang
                             ALL I HAVE - James Gang
Tabbed by: Lezada

    Bm  Dsus4add9   E   Esus4  G    A    Em


Bm  Dsus4add9   E   Esus4   G   A   Em

Bm                 Dsus4add9  E         Esus4         
I've  heard  some   people    tell   me

G            A                 Em
They've been seeing you out at night

Bm          Dsus4add9    E      Esus4
But I don't believe    what they say

G         A                   Em
'Cause I know that just ain't right

Bm      Dsus4add9  E             Esus4
So many times      I've heard those lies

G         A             Em
Sometimes it's just about me

Bm              Dsus4add9     E      Esus4
But it's such a simple thing, you see

G      A                 Em
When a good love's going bad

Bm  Dsus4add9  E  Esus4

G   A   Em

G  A                Bm
I thought I had the answers

G   A                       Esus4   E
But all that I have is this song


I did not find the lyrics, so parts of the lyrics here might be incorrect.
I appreciate corrections, contact by e-mail.

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Добавлено: 30.07.2013
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