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Jam - I Got By In Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jam - I Got By In Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Got By In Time
27th December 2000, 7.15pm

(Paul Weller)

Chords used:

B:      x2444x
B/A:    x0444x
Abm:    466444
G#m/F#: 466444 (F# implied by the bass)
F#:     244322
C#m:    x46654
Ebm:    x68876
B7:     x24242
Eb:     x6888x

B  B/A  Abm  Abm/F# (x4)


B     B/A         Abm
Saw a girl that I used to know
      B       B/A            Abm
I was deep in thought at the time
B                    Abm
Didn't recognize her face at first
             B      B/A        Abm
'Cos I was probably looking at mine

Yeah well she was the only girl I've ever loved
       B            B/A        Abm
But my folks didn't dig her so much
        F#          E
I was young, it was serious
       F#             E
And to me she was the world (she was my world now)
F#                   E                      F#
I thought I'd never live without her but
I got by in time
Well let me tell ya now

B       B/A        Abm
I saw a guy that I used to know
B        B/A        Abm
Man he's changed so much
B          B/A         Abm
I think it hurt him to say hello
   B      B/A        Abm
He hardly opened his mouth

Yeah well he was my best friend a few years ago
B     B/A     Abm
Truly inseparable
        F#                 E
We were young (young), and full of ideas,
        F#              E
We were gonna rule this whole world
F#                       E
But something happened I didn't know why
    F#                          Abm
And well that's the way that it goes

I suppose
C#m           Ebm
What you say, what you do
           B                  B7
Don't mean nothing (nothing) (nothing at all) yeah
C#m                   Ebm
And all the bonds you make between
       B                  B7
Can be broken anytime you want, now

Eb                      Abm
Please tell me if my philosophy's wrong
     Eb              Abm
I've got to know the truth
E               B
I don't mean to fail anyone but
C#m                       F#             B
You know it's somethin' I do o-o-oh

   B/A     Abm
So nice to see you tonight
       B   B/A           Abm             B
And I'm so glad that you came
    B/A                 Abm
I'm sure the people all standing outside say
B     B/A      Abm
'Sure feel the same'

Yeah my point is in a roundabout way
   B             B/A    Abm
In time you will always forget
         F#                           E
'Cos the memories (memories) that are shouting me on
   F#              E
To me they're everything (they're everything now)
F#                 E
I know they always will be mine
    F#                    Abm
And no-one can take them away

B  B/A  Abm  Abm/F# (x4) F# B
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