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Jackson C Frank - Marlene - текст песни, таба, видео

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Jackson C Frank - Marlene - текст песни, таба, видео

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This is a guitar tab for the song "Marlene" by Jackson C Frank. I do not own the rights 
to this song. Any "...." following a word indicate that the word is held. Send any 
comments or suggestions to

Standard tuning
Capo 3

  E minor                                                      The ghost of

            (Am, strum directed strings of these chords)
  her......   floats over there and the smile, the smile it seems so

E-----------------| The song follows the same music for the rest of the verses

the rest of the lyrics:
She gave me her hand
As I struck up the band
And she seemed to sigh, she seemed to sigh
You're the only

And then we danced like two snowflakes
In the fallen wind
In the wind
And in
Won't you let Marlene come in

The gymnasium floor
The price bound door
The jungle bird the jungle bird
That you showed me
Her love was so clean
To tell the truth Marlene
The sound of your tambourine still owns me

We were so young then
Now that I'm old I know, oh I know
I loved you right then
I would have made Marlene let go

My friends in the bars
Hell they only see the scars
And I do not give a damn, I do not give a damn That I loved you
I don't know why
But once you seen the sky
You think you know all birds are lovely

But this snow on the ground
It would start tonight
It's 22 years dead
Since I saw the light

The world it explodes
As such a high powered load
To run, to run, to run
Was all I left me
Appeared as breeze
High in the clouds we'll freeze
To fly, to fly away
Was the lesson

You know the fire it burned her life out
Left me little more
I am a crippled singer
And it evens up the score

The ghost of her
It floats over there
And the smile, the smile
It seems so lonely
She gave me her hand
As I struck up the band
And she seemed to sigh, she seemed to sigh
€˜You're the only
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