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Jackson Browne - Your Bright Baby Blues - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jackson Browne - Your Bright Baby Blues - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Jackson Browne
Авторы текста: Jackson Browne
Your Bright Baby Blues
Jackson Browne
Tune Down 1/2 Step

Verse I:
    G                            C
I'm sitting down by the highway
                         G  C  G
Down by that highway side.
Everybody's going somewhere
                                  G  C  G
Riding just as fast as they can ride.
I guess they've got a lot to do
Em                   C             C     D
Before they can rest assured their lives
Are justified.
Pray to God for me, Baby
C                    G  D
He can let me slide.

Verse II:
                G                         C
Cause I've been up and down this highway
                     G  C  G
Far as my eyes can see.
No matter how fast I run
                                   G  C  G
I can never seem to get away from me.
No matter where I am
Em             C                G
I can't help feeling I'm just a day away
     D                 C
From where I want to be.
                  G         C
Now, I'm running home, Baby
                     G   D
Like a river to the sea.

Baby, if you can see me
Out across this wilderness
There's just one thing
I was hoping you might guess.
Baby, you can free me
  D                     C/D          G    D
All in the power of your sweet tenderness.

Yeah,  yeah!!

I can see it in your eyes
C                             G    C  G
You've got those bright, baby blues.
You don't see what you've got to gain
                       G  C  G
But you don't like to lose.
You watch yourself from the sidelines
Em                   C                   G
Like your life was a game you don't mind playing
   D               C
To keep yourself amused.
I don't mean to be cruel, Baby
C                     G     D
But you're looking confused.

Refrain II:

Baby, if you can hear me

Turn down your radio.

There's just one thing

I want you to know.

When you've been near me

I felt the love stirring in my soul

Yeah, Yeah!! Yes I have!!


G  C  G C G  C   G C G  D  Em C G D  C
G  C  G  D

Verse III:
        G              C                  G   C  G
It's so hard to come by that feeling of peace.

(spoken) This friend of mine said
                                 G  C  G
"Close your eyes, try a few of these."
I thought I was flying like a bird
So far above my sorrow
But when I looked down
      D               C
I was standing on my knees.
                       G       C
Now, I need someone to help me
                    G      D
Someone to help me, please.

Final Refrain:
Baby, if you need me
Like I know I need you.
There's just one thing
I'll ask you to do
Take my hand and lead me
       D            C           C/D
To the hole in your garden wall
            G       C  G
And pull me through.
C        G
Pull me through....

*play verse chords on out......

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