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Jackson Browne - These Times Youve Come - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jackson Browne - These Times Youve Come - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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These Times Youve Come
Jackson Browne
		   The Times You've Come (These Times You've Come)
by Jackson Browne

Chords Used:
        G    C    D7sus4    D7 G9 Em
E    --3-----0-----3-------------2----1----0-------------------
B    --0-----1-----1-------------1----0----0-------------------
G    --0-----0-----2-------------2----3----0-------------------
D    --0-----2-----0-------------0----0----2-------------------
A    --x-----3--------------------------x----2----------------
E    --3---------------------------------3----0--------------


E    -------3--2--------------3--2--------
B    --------------0-----------------0-----
G    ----0-----------0-----0-----------0--
D    -----------------------------------------
A    -----------------------------------------
E    --3-----------------3-------------------

E    -------3--2----------0-----------------
B    --------------0-------1-----------------
G    ----0-----------0----0-----------------
D    -----------------------2-----------------
A    -----------------------3-----------------
E    --3--------------------------------------

E    -------3--2--3--2--0-----------------
B    -------------------------3--3------3---
G    ----0---------------------------0-------
D    ------------------------------------------
A    ------------------------------------------
E    --3----------------------3--3-----------

E    --------3--2--3--2--0-------------0---
B    ---------------------------3--3------1---
G    -----0-------------------------------0---
D    --------------------------------------2---
A    --------------------------------------3---
E    --3------------------------3--3-----------

First Verse:
In the time we've known,
That we each are a part of one another
                     D7sus4                  G
We've lost as much as we have won
C               G
And as our lives have grown,

We have found that it only brings us pain
     C                   D7sus4                  Em
To hang on to the things that we have done
D7sus4                                             G
            Still I've loved the times you've come

repeat intro

2nd Verse

When you went away
Taking all that I built my false road on
I dropped my life and couldn't find the pieces
Now you come and go,
And it's hard but I feel my strength returning
We'll see how far this new road reaches
We'll see a little more each time we come

C                         D7            D7sus4 G
Everybody's gonna tell you it's not worth it
G9   C                        D7          D7sus4   Em
       Everybody's gotta show you their own pain
C                     D7sus4   D7            G  G9
You might try to find your way up around it
C                                        G  D7sus4
But the need for love will still remain

Last Verse

Now we're lying here,
G safe in the ruins of our pleasure
Laughter marks the place where we have fallen
And our lives are near
G it wouldn't occur to us to wonder
Is this the past or the future that is calling
You know I've loved these times you've come

repeat intro     
Добавлено: 28.06.2013
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