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Jackie Greene - Trust Sombody - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jackie Greene - Trust Sombody - аккорды и текст, видео

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Trust Sombody
Jackie Greene
Trust Somebody
Jackie Greene

D                             A
Mama don't you weep take your blankets from the floor
Bm                            G         
Let your baby sleep you don't live here no more
D                                            A 
You think you're drifting deep but there's a light upon the shore
             Bm                       G 
You just get tired sometimes when it's heavy on your mind 

D                     A
Did somebody hurt you did somebody lie
Bm                            G 
Maybe they desert you but they cared themselves inside
D                                 A 
No matter how it goes down you can still stand up with pride
             Bm              G 
You just get tired sometimes you just get tired 

D                                       Fm#
And in the middle of the night time in the freezing rain
G                              A 
I heard somebody asking was it all worth the pain
      D                          Fm# 
But I believe that your darkness could never move your light
         G                              A 
But when you're blinded you're reminded for all that's wrong in life 

              G                 D                      Em
Now when you're out of your mind working that blind to turn it around
           A               G                D                 
You better trust somebody. Look at yourself you like what you see 
Em                                    A
If you want something else you better trust somebody.
G                    D                   Em             A 
I ain't no one but a stranger to you but I can show you what love can do 
Yeah whoa oh


D                                    A
Some got lovin' by the hour some got lovin' by the pound
Bm                                     G 
Well I will love you for a lifetime and I'll never let you down
D                               A
Because you know the truth is we all go round and round
            Bm                  G 
We just get tired sometimes hey we just get tired 
             D                            Fm#
Well I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like it's a crime
G                             A 
To suffer through the motions one heartache at a time
              D                        Fm# 
But I can tell you still got it by the look that's in your eyes 
              G                         A
You think it's missing but I'm guessing it's been there all the time 

Chorus: Add at the end Oh yeah oh yeah

Bm            D                 Em
How would you know that you're alive
Bm        D               Em 
Until you died a thousand times 
Bm          D                 Em
'Cause even fools like me are wise enough to say 
              E7                  G               A
You will have everything when you give everything away 

Chorus Chords
And now I'm outta of my mind working it blind to turn it around 
I gotta trust somebody look at myself I don't like what I see 
I want something else so I can trust somebody 
I ain't no one but a stranger to you but I can show you what love can do yeah oh yeah


Great tune to jam to 
Borrowed Brain

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