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Jackie Greene - Closer To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jackie Greene - Closer To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Closer To You
Jackie Greene
capo 5th
there are two chords that im am not sure wat they are called but they are basically a C 
a pinky on the 3rd fret and F with a pinky on the 3rd fret.
You can listen to the money
you can listen to your friends
but if you listen to your heartbeat
you might never go home again
C                                            F
you got 1000 miles, and 10 000 more to go
C                                                             F
there's blood on the wheel and you feel

like everything's outta control
well maybe i'm just the foolish kind
keepin' record of what i've left behind

yet i find there aint nothing i can do
im getting closer to you

(Repeat for the rest of the song)

theres trouble down here
theres trouble down there
but everyday that goes by
i swear its harder and harder to care
i fight the good fight i do the best i can
but man sometimes its impossible to
stand where you think you should stand

so hey mister give me something strong
sometimes i feel so good and then that feelings gone but it wont be long before ill be 
through im getting closer to you

some people say never
some people say now
some people get together and do
what some people dont allow
some people like to laugh at the people
who cry and my how
everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody's
ready to die

Now nevermind my state of mind
neon signs across the borderline
closing time
Добавлено: 29.05.2012
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