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Jack Johnson - Taylor1 - таба, видео

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Jack Johnson - Taylor1 - таба, видео

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Jack Johnson - Taylor  from the On and On album

Tablature by Zandy Wight



[Verse guitar part]
[Palm mute throughout..................................................]

  They say Taylor was a good girl never one to be late, complain, express ideas in her brain
  Workin on the night shift passin' out the tickets, you're gonna have to pay her  if you want to park here.
  Well mommy's little dancer has quite a little secret, workin on the streets now never gonna keep it
  It's quite an imposition and now she's only wishin' that she would have listened to the words they said.
  Poor Taylor.

C               G              Am       Fmaj7
  Well she just wanders around,   unaffected by
C               G         Am    Fmaj7
  the winter winds, yeah,       she'll pretend that
C            G               Am    Fmaj7
  well she's somewhere else,    so far and clear
C       G            Fmaj7           [play verse guitar part once]
  about two-thousand miles... from here.

  Well Peter Patrick pitter patters on the window
  but Sunny Silhouette won't let him in
  and poor old Pete's got nothin 'cause he's been fallin'
  but somehow Sunny knows just where he's been
  He thinks that singin' on Sunday gonna save his soul
  now that Saturday's gone
  Now sometimes he thinks that he's on his way,
  but I could see, that his brake light's all gone
                           (listen carefully to the brake light lyrics if you dont believe me)
  And he just wanders around, uneffected by
  the winter winds, yeah, and he'll pretend that
  well he's somewhere else, so far and clear
  about two-thousand miles, from here.

  Such a tough enchilada, fill up with nada, givin' whatcha gotta give to get a dollar bill
  She used to be a limber chick n' time's a been tickin' now she's finger lickin to the man
  with the money in his pocket, flyin' in his rocket only stoppin' by on his way to a better world
[Outro guitar part]
  1 e amp; a 2 e amp; a 3 e amp; a 4 e amp; a   1 e amp; a 2 e amp; a 3  e  amp;  a  4 e amp; a 


  if Taylor finds a better world,
  Taylor's gonna run away

[Repeat Intro guitar]

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