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Ja Rule - Destiny - текст песни, видео

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Ja Rule - Destiny - текст песни, видео

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[Ja Rule]

yea, yo - yo - yo - YO! - (yo) - Holla (Holla)

The Last Temptation, we comin' through now niggaz

s'the problem?, (the problem?) s'the problem?, (the problem?)

Always has been, hahaha, yo partna (yo partna)

Turn me up this bitch up in my mothafuckin' headphones and shit

C'mon, well let these niggaz know, (niggaz know)

Let it known...muh'afuckas y'all want war wit' the GOD

C'mon y'all know better, I put holes in ya leather

Remix your sweater, and I bet the flows wet her

Then notion front property - better come at me properly

Niggaz better off poppin' me - but I believe

Y'all scared ta clap from henis

In the fact I'm unforgiftable, gives me the advantage

What the fuck, am I'm speaking spanish niggaz

What I got ta tell y'all in detail how we murder niggaz

Handle ya buisness, Tha Inc. is religious

Murders a sacrifice, throwing ends niggaz

That means Murda fa' life, and I'll die for that bread and black

That house wit' tha chedda stack, wit' smiles in my kids face

What could replace this, this lil' nigga here 

The coming grimce wit' death, ta taste it 

My airs thick and filled wit' hatred

Surprise of that look in my eyes, but don't be

I'm just following the foots of the Lord, then thank me

If I go crazily insane, I'ma blame it on the world

Look what I became, 'cause they ain't give me all the fame 

and the money mayne, maybe an I-con

So the world can catch a nigga wit' his lights on

That's the pros and con, ya never quite free

So just gimme a lil' room so I can breathe

And my pain goin' be the death of me

But to be loved is my destiny, My black peep...

yea (yea) - we out (we out) Holla (Holla - Holla - Holla)
Добавлено: 26.02.2012
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