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Izzy Stradlin - Memphis - аккорды и текст, видео

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Izzy Stradlin - Memphis - аккорды и текст, видео

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Izzy Stradlin
" - The Online Home Of Izzy Stradlin"

                     [ IZZY STRADLIN - 117 DEGREES ]
                        [ GEFFEN RECORDS - 1998 ]
                        [ MEMPHIS (Chuck Berry) ]

INTRO:	E (mute)  E (mute)  E (let ring)   E5 E6

		   D5   B6
	Well, long distance information
	Give me Memphis, Tennesee
	Help me find a party
	That tried to get in touch with me
	  E5 E6
	They did not leave a number
	But I know who placed the call
		B5  B6
	Cos my uncle took the message
	 &  he  wrote  it  on
	  E5 E6
	the wall

	     B5   B6
	Yeh, help me, information
	Get in touch with my Marie
	She's the only one who'd phone me here
	From Memphis, Tennesee
	   E5  E6
	Her home is on the southside
	High upon the ridge,
	  B5 B6
	Just a half a mile from the Mississippi Bridge

SOLO:	B - E - B - E

	   B5 B6
	Oh help me, information
	More than that I cannot add
	Only that I niss her
	& all the fun we had
	  E5 E6
	Marie was torn apart because
	Her mum did not agree
	   B5 B6
	Tore apart our happy home
		     E5  E6
	In Memphis, Tennessee


	   B5 B6
	Oh last time I saw Marie
	She was wavin me goodbye
	With hurry home drops on her cheek
	Trickle from her eye
	    E5 E6
	Marie is only 6 years old,
	Information please,
	B5 B6
	Try to put me through to her
			E5 E6
	In Memphis, Tennessee

SOLO:	B - E - B - E


	E(mute)   E(mute)    E   D   B  A  G  F#  E



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