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Isaac Russell - Elizabeth - аккорды и текст, видео

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Isaac Russell - Elizabeth - аккорды и текст, видео

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Isaac Russell
I'm not too sure what the exact lyrics are (especially the 6th line) but I think 
that's pretty close. There's lot's of hammer-on's but you can figure out where to 
put them in pretty easy. 

Standard Tuning Capo 7th

          G             D    B7
I held my sparkler as I walked
Em                        C
Death was inevitable but nobody talked
            G                     D      B7
We just forget love and strike the match
        Em                     C
And the fuse was life and the light was death


              G                   D       B7
They gave you pills that made you swell
         Em                     C
Lost the hair on your head self image shot to hell
           G                          D      B7
Spent some time at the beach to my surprise
          Em                                 C
We would walk and watch the waves, synthetic hair in your eyes


Em                        C
Time didnt wear away my feelings for you love
         Am                                D     B7
It just rusted them and made them hard to find
       Em    C                    G
But I looove you Elizabeth youre mine

     G                                             D      B7
And Ill try my best here love but when I dont succeeded 
            Em                            C
Please come visit me in hell cause thats where Ill be
         G                           D     B7
But if I do love will you have the time 
                Em                          C                                  
Cause theres a million other people that deserve you more than I 

         Em                        C
Now its been two years since the day you passed
         Am                            D           B7
And Im starting to forget the time I kissed you last 
           Em    C                   G   
And I feel scared, cause I love you more

       Em      C                      G
And I loooove you, Elizabeth youre mine
Добавлено: 29.06.2012
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