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Irving Berlin - Yankee Love - текст песни, видео

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Irving Berlin - Yankee Love - текст песни, видео

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(E. Ray Goetz and Irving Berlin)

[1st verse:]
Girlie, cuddle near me
Girlie, won't you hear me?
I've been feeling blue
Ring the final curtain
For I'm more than certain
I'm in love with you
Like my Yankee Father
Girlie, I would rather die than prove untrue
Fearless, undenying, Yankee never dying
Love I bear for you

Red, White and Blue, love
Real all for you, love
All through and through, love
Real Yankee Doodle Doo, love
Honest and true love
I bring to you, love
Old Kentucky, Alabama
Mississippi, Lou'siana
Yankee love

[2nd verse:]
Girlie, flags are waving
My poor heart's behaving
Like a house on fire
Church-bells gayly ringing
Mean I'll soon be bringing
Home my heart's desire
Thoughts of care or sorrow
Will be dead tomorrow when you wear my ring
Ere the morn arouses
From the tops of houses
To the world I'll sing
Добавлено: 27.08.2013
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