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Irving Berlin - Our Wedding Day - текст песни, видео

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Irving Berlin - Our Wedding Day - текст песни, видео

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[Bridesmaids & Ushers:]
Ten little bridesmaids, ten little ushers
Marching side by side
We gave our promises to come to Saint Thomas's
And usher for the bridegroom
And bridesmaid for the bride
From a hundred we were chosen and we're very glad we were
For this is the most important wedding on the social register
It's a perfect match
He was quite a catch
For the bridegroom is a member of the best of families
And the lovely bride
On her mother's side
Is a first or second cousin of the Astors, if you please
Cholly Knickerbocker says this is a smart affair
Cholly will be there
Knee-deep in Vanderbilts
It is plain to see, it is plain to see
Why we're proud to be, why we're proud to be
The selected few picked from Who's Who
To come here side by side
And usher for the bridegroom
And bridesmaid for the bride
Now we must go into church and see the groom and bride
Standing side by side
Knee-deep in Vanderbilts
For the happy pair, for the happy pair
Will be waiting there, will be waiting there
So we can't be late, we mustn't wait
The knot will soon be tied
Champagne for the bridegroom
And babies for the bride

[1st verse:]
Wake up, sleepyhead
Tumble out of bed
Wake up, don't be so slow
Bells go ting-a-ling
Let's be hurrying
Off to church we must go

Sun's in the sky, don't you know why?
This is our wedding day

Birds in their nest are singing their best
For we're going to be married

Flowers are in bloom and the perfume
Speaks of a bride's bouquet

Spread the good news with rice and old shoes
For this is our wedding day

[2nd verse:]
I'm so sleepy, dear
Won't you make it clear
Why you're shaking me so
Please, dear, cut it out
What's it all about?

Off to church we must go
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