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Iron & Wine - Lean Into The Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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Iron & Wine - Lean Into The Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lean Into The Light
Iron & Wine
This song is really simple.  There is a total of only three chords that you will 
use.  You can play these chords in any position you like, and you can capo and 
play them to suit your voice, but Sam plays these chords in standard tuning on the 
studio recording.  Message me or comment with any corrections or suggestions.  
Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy the song!!


    D           Am            G
e---2---     e---0---     e---3---
B---3---     B---1---     B---3---
G---2---     G---2---     G---0---
D---0---     D---2---     D---0---
A---x---     A---0---     A---2---
E---x---     E---x---     E---3---

Intro [X4]
D Am 


D          G    Am          
 We're not happy most of the time
D             Am
 We're not sad too often
D           G      Am
 We'll keep walking blind in the sun
D               Am   
 While the rain is falling


         Am             D
 But we'll laugh by the raging riverside
Am             D
 Laugh just as long as we're side by side
Am           D
 Laugh as we lean into the light

Intro [X4]

Verse 2

D         G     Am
 We're no better off than we were
D              Am
 We're no worse for trying
D           G      Am                D
 We'll keep walking blind by the graves
 And all the church bells chimin'

Chorus 2

          Am            D
 But we'll laugh as the tears roll from our eyes
Am             D                         Am
 Laugh holding hands and our knuckles white
 Laugh as we lean into the light

Intro [X2]

Final Verse

D      G       Am
 Every morning, every goodnight
           D              Am
 For every wrong word our mouths do make
 We'll say a couple right

D      G       Am
 Every welcome, every goodbye
           D             Am
 For every dark move our bodies make
       D                   G
 We'll lean in towards the light

Outro [X4]

D Am

End on D
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