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Irish Rovers - The Tinker - аккорды и текст, видео

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Irish Rovers - The Tinker - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Tinker
Irish Rovers
C               G             Am      F
It's a tinker I am, and a travellin' man
     C                      G
I follow the wind and the stars
C                    G           Am           F
If I've shoes on me feet,and an old crust to eat
         C       G      C
I'm as happy as any by far

C                 G           Am           F
I'm as rich as a king when I lay down to dream
        C                   G
On My pillow of sawdust or hay
C                       G             Am     F
And the friends that I make I would never forsake
             C          G         C
And their kindness one day I'll repay

      F                        C
So thank you for sharing the warmth of your fire
         C                 G     
And an 'oul cup of tea or two
C                 C               Am           F
And that warm feather bed,where I lay down my head
      C          G          C
for making me welcome,thank you.
C                   G             Am        F
I'm a jack of all trades,and as sharp as a blade
C                                  G
When it comes to the markets and fairs
          C            G         Am       F
Mending 'oul pots and pans or whatever I can
C                 G             C
Not a penny I'd give for your cares


         F                        C
Now the cold winds of winter can cut like a knife
          F                         C
And the rain chills me deep to the bone
         F                         C
But the warm summer breezes still blow in my mind
          F                     C
And it's them keeps me carryin' on

C                        G             Am     F           
When the cock crows the dawn,I'll be already gone
C                                    G
Through the meadow that runs by the trees
C                   G             Am           F
I think nothing of time,for the world is all mine
C                  G         C
I can come and can go as I please
Repeat Chorus Twice
Добавлено: 30.05.2012
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