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Insyderz - Lord I Lift Your Name On High - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Insyderz - Lord I Lift Your Name On High - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Lord I Lift Your Name On High
		   Artist: The Insyderz 
Song:Lord I Lift Your Name On High 
Album: Skalleluia! 
Tabbed by: Brett Ridley 


      G            C            D 
 E----3----/  E----8----/  E----10---/ 
 B----3----\  B----8----\  B----10---\ 
 G----4----/  G----9----/  G----11---/ 
 D----5----\  D----10---\  D----12---\ 
 A----5----/  A----10---/  A----12---/ 
 E----3----\  E----8----\  E----10---\ 

                          (They're barre-chords) 

Verse 1: [using the ska upstroke(mute the downstroke and play the upstroke)also use 4 timing] 

G            C                        D                C 
Lord  I  lift  your  name  on  high, 
G             C                       D                C 
lord  I  love  to  sing  your  praises. 
G              C                       D               C 
I'm  so  glad  you're  in  my  life, 
G             C                        D               C 
I'm  so  glad  you  came  to  save  us. 

The guitarist plays something during the chorus that I can't tab out. I've tried but it never sounds 
right. Sorry! 

You  came  from  heaven  to  earth 

to  show  the  way 

from  the  earth  to  the  cross 

my  debt  to  pay 

From  the  cross  to  the  grave 

from  the  grave  to  the  sky 

Lord,  I  lift  your  name  on  high 

Now is the part that I have trouble with - having to play the guitar as fast as him, your arm and 
wrist start to hurt after awhile, believe me. 

Very Fast:(still in ska upstroke) 

G-C-D-C (2x) 

Then do: 

G-C-D-C almost muted the whole time during the ska version part. 

During chorus, use distortion without the ska upstroke being used. 


Back to slow version and then.......... 


Any questions,comments may be sent to 


:  )      
Добавлено: 21.11.2013
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