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Infant Sorrow - Weve Got To Do Something - аккорды и текст, видео

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Infant Sorrow - Weve Got To Do Something - аккорды и текст, видео

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Weve Got To Do Something
Infant Sorrow
Infant Sorrow - We've got to do something

Verse: D, C, G
Chorus: G, D, C, G

  D                      C                G
Lately mother earth has been feeling unsatisfied, 
 D                           C                       G       
I'd say it's plain from the rain the sweet lady's started to cry, 
 D                  C                        G
Fires crackle and blaze in the rays of her burning heart, 
and I don't think it's smart to, 
 D                    C                 G    
Lay and wait for the day that she dies in our arms. 

We gotta do something, 
We gotta do something, 
Before mother earth gets anymore hurt, 
We gotta do something! 

From what I've read there's a lotta bad stuff in the world today, 
It's been said it's getting rough to find a place where the children play, 
So, Mr Prime Minister and Mr President you better see that it's 
not only me, no, our mob is rising in size, 
and they've been dying to scream out to you! 

You gotta do something, 
We gotta do something, 
Sometimes I sit in my room and I don't know what to do,
but we've gotta do something! 

It's time to do something, 
Someone should do something, 
We gotta do something, 
and that someone is you, and you and you and you! 

Em         D                  G
  I pray it ain't all lost and gone, 
Em           D                       G
  I pray we might learn right from wrong, 
Em                  D               G            Em
  and I pray this broken day, will not last too long, 
  I pray that you believe my song ... Darlin'! 

All time: G, D, C

You know I'm sorry if this is hard for you to take, 
But a lot of it just needs saying, 
and I don't see anyone else out there, 
giving out this message, 
and if I don't do this, Who's gonna do it? 
And maybe, if someone hears these words, 
maybe the whole world gets round and listens, 
to what I'm sayin', and maybe we have a chance. 
Because I don't wanna see another child crying, 
I don't wanna see another dog dying in the streets, 
I can't see another homeless man, because it doesn't seem right to me, 
He's got a home, and he's not got a home, 
What's the point in that? 
Why can't we all just get together, in one big home, 
and if I was in Government, 
Then I'd Government things much more differentlier, 
because it ain't the best way to government things, 
So there's poor people everywhere, 
You know I would just be sittin' alone, 
Thinkin' "How can I do something?", 
'Cos I ain't gonna be in chains no-more, 
You lot might have been conned, but I ain't been conned, 
'Cos I'm a free man, I'm free, and I'm gonna let my soul soar, 
and the way I do that is through my music, 
so why don't you do something?
Добавлено: 29.07.2012
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