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Incredible String Band - When You Find Out Who You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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Incredible String Band - When You Find Out Who You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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When You Find Out Who You Are
Incredible String Band

C                       F
It's of a strange and furious time
G                   D
When men did speed to pray
C                    F               D                   D7
Along the road of discontent to gods of gold and clay


C         F
Some did seek security
G             D
Among the seas of change
    C                   F
And some did seek dear life to wound
  G            D                D7
A furious time and strange

C            D
But when you find out who you are
   G      F   C    D           
Beautiful beyond your dreams
   C           G
Just look around and
     D                 D7
Notice where you are

 C                    F 
Just look around and notice what you see
G                      D
Each moment born for you innocently
 C                     F
But when I see what we have made
G                        D
What we have out with the mind's blade

C                   F
In the blackness feel it all
G                   D
Repeated faces rise and fall
  C              F
With ancient goals unwondering fail
        G                  D
Further obscure the ancient trail

 C               F
Filling with the endless years
         G      D
The river of your heart's tears
    C              F
I swear you have the power
  G   D
As the angels do

   C           F
Spread out your fingers and
  G             D
Make all things new
   C                           F
Change the world by the things you say
By the things you love

     D                    D7
And by the games you play
     Dm               A
And you make each new day
It feels so funny in your mummy's tummy
Before you get born into

[Cont. Bridge]
The world for to carry on
Remember young man of the time
Before you first went to school
   C          F                D
How did it feel trying to live to the rule

[Cont. Bridge]
Remember you walked with your lover
Like a gypsy and a gypsy queen
C               F            D              G
Under the stars where the sign was seen
     C           F
Under the stars where

[Cont. Bridge]
  G                 G7
The leaves were green
 C        F           D           Dsus4    D
Under the stars where the sign was seen
C                   F
0 how many shining hearts
  G            D
With love has guided me

C                    F
And many I have met before
G                 D
In lands across the sea
 C                F
We used to speak of that ocean deep
G         D
How little words can say

C                  F
It's better now to ask your friend
    G               D
What makes him sad today
   C             F
No one can do it for you
   G                 D
Make your own sky blue

   C          F           G
Make your own dreams come true
       D             C   G
Make it come true.
 C        F         G   D             G  C  G 
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