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In This Moment - The Promis Into The Light - таба, видео

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In This Moment - The Promis Into The Light - таба, видео

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The Promise
In This Moment

I love this song and saw that nobody has tabbed it yet... So i took the time to write 
out the intro. This is 100% CORRECT and if anyone has something to add on msg me or email 
me and i'll put it in.

It is played on 7 string drop D

So i'm guessing it AEADGBE, cuz its a B droped down a full step... Not sure...


This intro bit is a bit tricky, hold the 3 while you hammer the five and then tap/bend 
the 12 and flick back off to the 5 to get the desired effect... Its hard but sounds 
awsome if you do it properly.
Добавлено: 02.05.2012
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