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I Am Alpha And Omega - Chasing - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Am Alpha And Omega - Chasing - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Am Alpha And Omega
Song: Chasing
Artist: I Am Alpha and Omega
Album: The Roar and The Whisper

hey everyone just thought i should share this tab/chords with everyone because this is 
awesome song. i think this is about 99.5% acuurate.

i got the chord NAMES from chordfind but im not sure if they are completely accurate(not 
chords, the chord names) i also got the lyrics from here: 
(with corrections)

note: im not sure of the timing/strumming of the chords/leads, but i know they are correct.

but whatever here goes nothing enjoy.
(suggestions or questions? email me at

Am7     Esus4    Asus4     Em      Em7     G      C       D
e|---   e|---   e|---   e|---   e|-3-   e|-3-   e|-3-   e|-2-|
a|-1-   a|(0)   a|-3-   b|---   b|-3-   b|-3-   b|-3-   b|-3-|
d|-0-   d|-4-   d|-2-   g|---   g|-0-   g|-0-   g|-0-   g|-2-|
g|-2-   g|-2-   g|-0-   d|-2-   d|-2-   d|-0-   d|-2-   d|-0-|
b|---   b|---   b|---   a|-2-   a|-2-   a|-2-   a|-3-   a|---|
e|---   e|---   e|---   e|-0-   e|-0-   e|-3-   e|-0-   e|---|

lead parts: listen to song for timing

hold note = ~

lead 1:

lead 2:



intro: Am7 Esus4 Asus4 Am7 Esus4 Asus4 

       am7 esus asus, then go right into verse

Am7         Esus4          Asus4     Em
Sometimes I lie awake and see
Am7       Esus4         Asus4
My imperfections, they run so deep
start lead 1 AND 2 at "I..." (and keep repeating till after there)
Am7        Esus4             Asus4      Em
I close my eyes and start a prayer to you
Am7         Esus4           Asus4
No matter how ashamed, you need me there

just lead 2 plays once
Am7 Esus4 Asus4 Em (x2)

C          G            D             Em7
How can you love me, when I won't stand beside you?
C            G            D
You just keep chasing after me
C         G                  D                  Em7
Why do you give me grace, when I have no place to keep it?
C            G            D
You just keep chasing after me

Am7       Esus4               Asus4       Em
In darker times, I've tested thee
Am7      Esus4              Asus4
I've run long, and hard to find your end
Am7        Esus4       Asus4      Em
No matter how far, or fast I go
am7           esus        asus                     leads start on next line->
You're always waiting, to wrap your arms around me
Am7        Esus4            Asus4     Em      )-x2!
(You're always waiting for me)              )-^^^

C          G            D             Em7
How can you love me, when I won't stand beside you?
C            G            D
You just keep chasing after me                                
Добавлено: 10.06.2012
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