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Hymnal - Serve The Lord With Gladness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hymnal - Serve The Lord With Gladness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Serve The Lord With Gladness
Serve the Lord with Gladness
Words & Music by Baylus Benjamin McKinney, 1886-1952


Verse 1:

G                            C                 G
Serve the Lord with gladness in our works and ways
D7                 G      A7                 D7
Come before His presence with our songs of praise
G                                    C
Unto Him our Maker, we would pledge anew
C                 G          D7     G
Life's supreme devotion to service true


G                          C                    G
Serve Him with gladness; enter His courts with song
D7                             G
To our Creator, true praises belong
G                                     C
Great is His mercy; wonderful is His name
C           G        A7         D7     G
We gladly serve Him, His great love proclaim

Verse 2:

G                                C               G
Serve the Lord with gladness, thankful all the while
D7                G     A7              D7
For His tender Mercies, for His loving smile
G                                        C
Blessed truth enduring, always just the same
C                     G           D7        G
We will serve with gladness and praise His name


Verse 3:

G                              C                  G
Serve the Lord with gladness; this shall be our theme
D7            G     A7            D7
As we walk together in His love supreme
G                                               C
Listening, ever listening for the still small voice
C                     G           D7       G
His sweet Will, so precious, will be our choice

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