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Husky - Saint Joan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Husky - Saint Joan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Saint Joan
Saint Joan - Husky 

Capo 2

(Dsus4add9 is the chord you get when you slide C up 2 frets)

[verse 1]
C             G           Dsus4add9   
I was looking up into the endless, 
       C       G           Dsus4add9   
Like a somnambulist in the night.
C              G              Dsus4add9                        C
Joan I think I saw you in the darkness,dancing like a wave of light.
               G                 Dsus4add9   
You were dancing like a wave of light,     a wave of light.

G                   Bb     
                                  *   this note played 2nd time only
E|----------------------------------|  X2

G      G

C                      Em               Am        Am
Saint Joan you're the killer I've been waiting for
   Am            G             C     C
As long as I die lying next to you.
C            Em                  Am        Am
Pieces of my old life, washed up on the shore.
Am        G                C     C
As I disappeared into the moon.    Watch out here I go.

G                                     Dm
Oh, I am leaving, I am leaving, I am leaving.

[interlude 1]
C     G    Dsus4add9  Dsus4add9    x2

   (real fret not from capo)


[verse 2]
    C             G                Dsus4add9   
I wait, Speak in tongues, spitting lightning.
      C             G              Dsus4add9   
And I feel something change in the air.
C           G                    Dsus4add9   
Maybe you are still there in the mist of some sweet 
summer afternoon.
       G              Dsus4add9
Maybe you're still waiting there, still waiting there.

[pre chorus, chorus, post chorus x2]

I woke up thinking that I might be dying.
But I was only in the belly of whale.
And I recall I saw the red sun rising.
As he spat me out in the winded part of my city.

[interlude 1]
[post chorus x3]

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