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House Of Heroes - Bottle Rocket - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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House Of Heroes - Bottle Rocket - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bottle Rocket
House Of Heroes
Bottle Rocket-House of Heroes
Tuning: Standard

A                                  G  A
Girl who ya kiddin, your man's a dog,

A                                                G    A
You can collar him and train him but it won't be long,

A                                         G   A
If you take your love away he's a wolf again,

Runnin with the pack loyal to his sin,

A                           G   A
Baby who ya foolin I'm kerosine,

A                                  G    A
Add a little fire and your warm with me,

A                                         G     A 
But get a little careless and I'll burn ya down,

Turn your house to rubble smoking on the ground,

A        C   

F                        D 
Light it up and I can't stop it,

A        C

F                     D
Bottle rocket, bottle rocket,

C                                      E
In every gentle man there's a little bit of rebel,

A                                        F
Walkin like a saint but'cha dancing with the devil,
C         E
A                          F                     E
Bottle rocket I can't stop it anymore.

A                                   G     A 
It's a fine fine line that I walk for sure,

A                                           G    A
Between the straight and narrow and the open door,

A                                    G      A 
I wanna find that light that you found in me,

Before the night's so dark that I'm too blind to see


Well maybe I'm in over my head,

But I'll keep throwing punches and I'll sleep when I'm dead,

Добавлено: 10.07.2015
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