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The Hotelier - Your Deep Rest - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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The Hotelier - Your Deep Rest - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Your Deep Rest
The Hotelier
Please note that all of the songs I'm submitting I'm working out on ukulele. It should sound the same
as guitar, but I didn't bring a guitar with me to college. 
If there are any big issues, feel free to email me at

The chord placements are a little off cuz they don't happen right on the words, 
so really just listen along to get more exact placements.

Intro: Cm Ab Cm Ab Cm Ab Bb B (x2)

Cm               Ab                 Cm
So, while you're fixing up your bed
          Ab                    Cm
And while you're organizing drawers,
               Ab               Bb             B                  Cm
Could you just listen to the problems had with problems of yours.
                Ab                       Cm
And what's that note you're writing there? 
             Ab                  Cm
Why are you giving me this back? 
                 Ab          Bb                B                  Eb
This was a gift from when we met back when you weren't so upset." 

Eb           Gm             Ab
I called in sick from your funeral. 
Eb                Gm                  Ab
The sight of your body made me feel uncomfortable. 
           Eb             Gm          Bb    B
I couldn't recognize your shell. 

Cm          Ab               Cm
Your branching off had met an end 
        Ab                        Cm
From all the weight that made you bend. 
     Ab                         Bb                  B                    Cm
And when you tried to shed your leaves you pined for warmth as they said
              Ab                     Cm
"Your lack of love for your dear self
           Ab             Cm
is sapping all of us here out. 
          Ab                   Bb              B
Trace your roots back to the ground work out the knotholes for yourself." 

Eb          Gm              Ab
I called in sick from your funeral. 
Eb                 Gm                    Ab
The sight of your family made me feel responsible. 
      Eb                               Gm
and I found the notes you left behind; 
little hints and helpless cries, 
          Eb   Gm       Ab
desperate wishing to be over. 

(Instrumental - hit the Eb once and then several hits of each following note):

Eb Cm Ab (x4)

Ab              Cm                Bb       
You said you're trapped in your body 
and getting deeper every day. 
     Cm                      Bb
They diagnosed you born that way. 
They say in runs in your family. 
A conscious erasure of working class background 
where despair trickles down 
imbalanced chemical crutch. Open up. Swallow down. 
          Cm             Eb             Ab
You said "remember me for me. I need to set my spirit free." 

Eb          Gm              Ab                                            Eb
I called in sick from your funeral. (I called in sick! I called in sick!)
               Gm                   Ab
Tradition of closure nearly felt impossible. 
I should have never gave my word to you; 
not a cry not a sound. 
Might have learned how to swim, never taught how to drown, 
           Eb             Bb
you said "remember me for me". 
              Ab  (hold)
I watched you set your spirit free
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