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The Hotelier - Our Lives Would Make A Sad Boring Movie - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Hotelier - Our Lives Would Make A Sad Boring Movie - аккорды и текст, видео

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Our Lives Would Make A Sad Boring Movie
The Hotelier
                     E               B                      F#m                               A
To the people making life from lust, abusing trust, and the fuckers who made fools out of the best of us: 
                 E                                  B                           F#m                   
You've swayed the public thought that they're all that they've bought, and otherwise they're ugly people that 
will soon be dust.

              E                                   B                      F#m                     
And to the schools that brought us up and had us 'socialized', teaching us the world through hall passes and 
 A                             E                              B                        F#m 
single file lines. We are discouraged to ask questions or to raise a fist. No wonder nobody can tell there's 
something so much fucking bigger than this.

                E              B               F#m                A                   E           B
And we say everyday that we won't grow up to live the lives that they do, and yet we only walk on footsteps 
           F#m                   A                      E                B                 F#m 
that they set for us instead of clearing paths towards promised lands we dreamt about, and better worlds we 
read about.

              E                             B                F#m                          A
We leave our higher educations that we all 'must' get with a signature stamped paper and a mound of debt. 
             E                                   B                        F#m                       A
The bank has got us by the throat and then we're forced to settle for the jobs we hate, 9 to 5, 40 hours, 
                 E                                B              F#m                                A
40 years til the day we are too weak to work, too frail to play. No friends or lovers because they've all 
                           E                B                             F#m                       A
passed away. We've waited for this day all of our lives long, and on our death bed the stereo plays our 
favorite teenage anthem song. 

E  B  F#m  A
We sing along.

                              E                                    B                   F#m           
And to white, middle-class, suburban kids: start dealing with your privileges. Smash your TV, read a book, or 
         A                        E                        B                        F#m     
see the world instead. Enjoy the simple things in life because you can, like your family, friends, community, 
and local bands.
            E                                  B                            F#m                          A
If there's one thing in your life that you'll never forget, its that we're dead in the future but we're not 
                      E                          B                            F#m         
dead yet. Your life starts right now so start acting like it, or else you'll wake up one day feeling like a 
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