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The Hotelier - In Framing - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Hotelier - In Framing - аккорды и текст, видео

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In Framing
The Hotelier
The Hotelier - In Framing

You're gonna want to listen to the song to get the timing right on when to switch chords in the verse, but this
should be pretty accurate. 

Tuning: Half-step down

Here's what the chords look like:
  D   D/B  D/C#         G       D/F#


D  D/B  D/C#         G         x2

    D  D/B  D/C#                    G
You fell___ for the first option presented of new 
D  D/B  D/C#                               G
re______birth. You couldn't see it but you thought you'd believe it
           D                           D/B
since your soles cramping up have been swollen and sore.
     D/C#                           G
Your new shoes back then just don't fit anymore.
      D                          D/B
You retraced the same shape, cut up and re-sewn,
     D/C#                     G
when you felt abandoned, when you felt alone.

   D  D/B  D/C#                            G
On New____ Years you resolved to make your chaos external.
D         D/B            D/C#                  
Duress of sickening kinds. A half year blacked-out of my mind.
No string traced back to a place-marker.
            D                         D/B
Alleviate, erase failed attempts at obstructing machines.
    D/C#                           G
Got drained when the crutch became vampiracy.
        D                             D/B
Bit off more than could chew and then swallowed it whole.
  D/C#                       G
I choked on your temper when you felt alone.

G      D/F#

G              D/F#
The sirens cry loudly.
G                     D/F#
I am reflexive. I cry loudly.
G                      D/F#
You put my picture in framing.
G                     D/F#
Hung forever. Left me strangling.
Called me 'baby'.

              D                       D/B
And with your nature reversed and our home as our cage,
    D/C#                         G
you caved and you asked "is this coming of age."
       D                            D/B
As you climbed out the window, your face cold as stone,
    D/C#                   G
you lifted the towel. Your wrist showed the bone.
          D                   D/B
I held my breath in the ER. I swayed as I stood.
  D/C#                    G
I tried to stay steady to protect you the best that I could.
       D                   D/B
You pretended to sleep the entire ride home 
    D/C#                    G
but I heard you crying when you felt alone 
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