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Horslips - Ghosts - аккорды и текст, видео

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Horslips - Ghosts - аккорды и текст, видео

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Horslips Ghosts
From the Aliens Album

Capo 2

Intro is the first verse or

G   D    G    D

Verse 1
G        D
I lived alone without you 
G            D
Shadows on my wall 
Em           C
Ghosts in my looking glass 
Voices in the hall 
C                 D                             
At first I didn't understand 
      G        D      Em
I had nothing left to sell 
G                           D
And although I played with fire 
  Em                C                        
My life was cold as hell
D                   G       D
My life was cold as hell

Verse 2
G          D               G
There came a knocking on my door 
G            D           
The landlord dressed in black 
     Em                  C        
Said "pack your bags and move on out 
We don't ever want you back " 
C                 D
And who was I to question 
    G     D      Em
The logic of his schemes 
G                          D
When they proved there can be hope 
Em                 C  
Wherever there are dreams
D                  G
Wherever there are dreams

Solo :   Chord a verse.

Verse 3
G        D             G
Mine are just a foolish heart
Couldn't fake a smile
Em               C            
Thought I'd find deliverance
Down another mile
C              D     
And I remember being in love
   G    D      Em                 
So long ago it seems
G                       D                  
The love that drives me ever on
       Em             C                                   
Is the love I find in dreams 
       D              G
Is the love I find in dreams 

D   D  G   G   C    D   G
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