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Hoobastank - Naked Jock Man - текст песни, видео

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Hoobastank - Naked Jock Man - текст песни, видео

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Me and my friends kickin' in the household

Tryin' to figure out thoughts start to unfold

Nothing to do or see I can't understand

Combine all our thoughts to come up with a plan

Car alarm system too expensive to buy

But not if you're gonna hire this guy

With a helmet on his head and a club in his hand

Cock in sockit's the naked jock man



Tall dark man going to break into my car

With naked jock man he ain't gonna get far

Car alarm soundstrunk lifts up

He jumps to the ground

What the fuck's that? 

I can hear him scream in fright

Naked jock man just ruined his night

You can runyou can hidejust turn yourself in

Cause he'll get you in the end

He's the naked jock man

And he's after dan

Naked jock man


Now months have passed since the birth of the jock man

Sally jesse raphael and david letterman

Want the jock man to show his face

He's the next bitch on melrose place

Naked jock man was just a big joke

Now you'll see his ass on all the talk shows

The people want to know

They're willing to die

Who the fuck is that guy?
Добавлено: 14.03.2012
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