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Hoobastank - Karma Patrol - текст песни, видео

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Hoobastank - Karma Patrol - текст песни, видео

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Stolen a biketake it for a ride

Commit a crimethought you got away

Pick on a kidonly half the size

Karma patrol's gonna set it straight

Who's to say what's coming or going? 

They're the ones who call the shots

And endless search for those who've not

Paid for their delinquent way

Cause personal catastrophes

There's a saying

A little better one than the previous

When you're mischievous

You'll get what you deserve

And it's a beautiful thing

All the liquid coming out the gutter cause

What's done is done

I can't change the past

Karma patrol is gonna get me (last)

Something happened just the other day

You helped another from another

But there's nothing coming back your way

Nobody said that life was fair

So lift your head and understand

That doing good is fine

But don't expect to find your plate full

Because the karma patrol is blind to the fact

Except that no one's perfect all the time

Raining downwalking home

When they comeyou will know

All looks goodmind your way

Now you're going to pay

(better watch your back cause)

They've got a target on you

No matter what you do

And the water will come down

So jump to the side

Or you'll get soaked straight through

To the bone

That's what they've shown

They have no preference for the good or the evil

But I just know one day

They'll be coming my way
Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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