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Holocaust - We All Are Well Known - текст песни, видео

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Holocaust - We All Are Well Known - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!

The Indian Chief's name was Spirit, made of fire and mystic

And depicted in red, like sea of angels, and hieroglyphics

Alcatraz zone, Al Capone, Chicago Valentine Day's Massacre

Shotgun spectacular, I fought a crusade like a Dracula

A Wrinkle in Time, they knew the law before they wrote the crime

The dark alien from Andromeda, that kept a skull and spine

You'll sound is dull, I recline, lantern

In place, a river church, the Highlander, find a violent kind

The sun rewinds, a drunken kitten chasing a butterfly

Sword to the eye, I disable and plate a nail down to the table

From dark realms and worlds, in the forest, I hover above you others blind

I'm the mutant Cable, I keep a gun you'll discover, my discography is butter

Chinese wine, leave you lost like Swiss Family Robinson

But some after time, missiles, rifles and shotgun

A cannon invented by Richard J. Gatling, my verbal obstacle

Is a gun shot abnormality, big, I dash like an athlete

Beware M.C., I have come to attack thee

Bad tragic king, another angel play a harpstring

The man of kung-fu or a gat spree, in fact, now come to attack me

Cherokee Vietname tomahawk red, bash ya head dead

Like a frozen daquiri, shot by a hundred arrows

Stabbed by four spears, I die, standing up laughing

[Chorus x2: Holocaust]

We all are well known, a mountaneous microphone

An apple that came from Rome, might bite, and snap your bones

I'm The Holocaust, leak of losses, now the Apocalypse

Back from the territories of darkness, with a gun heartless


Down in the valley they are machines, they are Indians

Because I move a stone, you'll jar get swollen, I'm friendly like a Roman

Don blocks, I never blend in, when I rhyme, you looking at a pirate's emblem

The ghost of Humphrey Bogart, William Sattire in a oil drag world

I run water in my eyes to cry, my button on the side, Long John shirt from 1805

I'm live, there is a woman she kills a rat, she lives in a house on the hill side

Jesse James was a desperado, he was shot in the back of his head

A five o'clock shadow, dirty face clown, leaves you dead

In the gothic metropolis of the west, is Holocaustl, look, I'm the best

As far as dropping it, toxic neurologist, now the Apocalypse

Tore a gun, some kind of a man, who tried to civilize the human family

Thorough out, the populas, this is Warcraft, the Green Lantern box, outlandish jar

With a gun, I wander the mountain side, star map

One time, my spine was broken in half like Batman

The headless horsemen, you flat stabbed

And you find yourself in a blue world and die again from a gun in my hand

You all burst into water like a bubble, a Hawaiian katana blade

Slaughters book binder toddler, fire, there's an enemy below in the water

[Chorus x2]


The Egyptian beetle each you scandalous, or in lethal ice planet

There is a praying mantis, rap bastard shit, scenes of Atlantis

Punch you, and bust your fucking bandages

I came from the dark city of Los Angeles

Actually, a city built under Jack Sprat, dark monarch Thundercat

Spray you for the taylor's valor, Dracula spear, this impaler

Red/white/blue Indian paint light saber

Clever the man, he is a barbarian, he lives in the hillside

He thinks he will live forever, feathers in the hood

And aircraft bomber jacket made of leather

From the nether world, a bullet hurled putrid

A gun in the alternate future, is my weapon that severs

But at nine, you can never get your varsity letter

Never the less, dark side, inner stellar

The arsonist, who has become a patriarch in the dark from arsoning

To steal a book from the market, and later burn a barn down in August

The redeamer and a marksmen, you walk, Johnny talk with a gun in your back often

Or outlined in chalk wind, like a Mexican wind chime

The Holocaust to the lost, begs your pardor

My rhyme orbits and torches a small orphanage

He robbed the white feathers, bitch, it was written on his coffin

With no oxygen, I leap from a coffin and throw your corpses to the orphans

[Chorus x4]
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