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Holly Brook - Still Love - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Holly Brook - Still Love - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Still Love
Holly Brook
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still Love ~ Holly Brook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A nice song easy to play...

you can play the intro and the verse like this:
(it's a quite basic riff but it's sound good in my opinion)

Intro:     Fm C# x2
        Fm C# Ab Eb

First verse:
Fm              C#
You drank a bit down
Fm           C#
Spilled the rest of it in me
Fm                   C#       Ab Eb
And that's the minute i let go
Fm        C#
Your di-re-ction
Fm         C#
With the ben-ding of the light
Fm    C#        Ab Eb
If i re-mem-ber it right
          C#                 Eb
And It carried on just fine
      C#                              Eb
But to-night i will cry myself to sleep

Fm                        C#     Ab                   Eb
Every rain makes its way into somebody's song
Fm   C#      Ab           Eb
As a way to re-lieve the pain
Fm             C#          Ab           Eb
This one is calling me out of my shel-ter
FmC#   Ab  Eb
To face the truth
       Bb  Fm
But i still love

Second verse:
Fm          C#
More than one time
Fm                         C#
This color has been mine
Fm      C#             Ab  Eb
To con-sume the e-ner-gy
Fm       C#
To be a pain-ter
Fm          C#
And cover all the blue
Fm      C#       Ab        Eb
I would give up wanting you
       C#                   Eb
But still the morning sun
       C#                                  C#
Will leak into my window when i'm done


Ab                     C#
Searching for my intuition
Ab                C#
Even though i re-cognize
   Ab                     C#
M'self in all these silver walls
        Fm                     Bb
But as i star they all break me down


ps: I have some difficulties for the end of the bridge and so corrections are welcome! 
please be nice coz it's one of my first tab i've ever made.
        enjoy =)
              Jerem (
Добавлено: 13.07.2012
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