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Hokus Pick - Fading Away - таба, видео

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Hokus Pick - Fading Away - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
		   Fading Away
by Hokus Pick
Copyright 1995 Hokus Pick Music

Pretty easy song to learn

Intro Tab, played at times throughout

Main Tab


Intro Tab

I want to do what I say, and say I what do
But so often I find, the opposite's true
Sometimes I feel like a dog, chasing it's tail
While the effort is strong, the method is stale
D      A       G       D         A       G      D
I'll chase the blues away if you make me green to stay

Chorus with Main Tab:
     Bm      G           D         A
I'm livin' I'm driven I'm guilty and forgiven
    Bm       G           D              A
I believe it recieve it I eat it live it breathe it
    Bm           G              D             A
I'm swaying, I'm straying, I'm leaving and I'm staying
    Bm           G            D               A       D
I'm yearning, and learning, and I will not be fading away

The critics will say that I'll be desert
but I'll turn it around, they'll eat their words
It can freshen you up--it's a new state
when you know you'll outlive, your expiry date
D         A    G  D      A       G     D
unlike on old TV,   that has no guarantee 


(I'm unsure of this next part)
B                                     Bb 
 Some things just can't be done in a day

Intro Tab,
Then Main Tab with Chorus Chords,
Then Chorus

D 	10/12/12/xxx
B	799xxx
G	355xxx
A	577xxx
Bb	688xxx
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