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Hillsongs - Your Love Is Beautiful - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Hillsongs - Your Love Is Beautiful - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Your Love Is Beautiful
Ei guyz! I'm CJ of Davao City, Philippines! I am 14 years old gal. Your Love is
Beautiful by:  Hillsong is my band's memorable song! Because of our first concert
last Dec. 7,2003, it's our first time. I hope you like this, rate this! I have also
my band, its name is B.O.P Teens, we are composed of 13 members.. We are also God-
fearing person... For comments, questions and suggestions, pls email us @ or me! Tnx! God bless!!

Your Love Is Beautiful
By: Hillsong

Intro: Bm7 E (Guitars only) (4x) then all instruments that required, Bm7 E (4x)

            Bm7     E                  Bm7        E
You surrounded me with the songs of praise
                 Bm7           E        Bm7     E       
You have brought me to this place
                  Bm7          E             Bm7        E         
Where Your love and grace move within my life
               Bm7       E          Bm7  E
Now Your message is my light

                    G        F#                  Bm        E
Your Love is Beautiful, Your Love Is Beautiful
             G                 F#
It's the reason why I sing

       Bm7         E         Bm7     E         Bm7  E (when 2x played, F#, not E)
All around the world, Let the praise begin (2x)
(echo: All the world will praise Him!)

Bm7 E (4x)

(do chords of stanza I)

I am planted here by the waters
And, I am living for the King
I have found my peace in the house of God
This is where I meant to be

Repeat chorus then Refrain (2x)  
Repeat the chords of intro
Repeat the chorus then Refrain (2x)


F#(5x) -pause
                    Hey!      (End with Bm7 chord)
Добавлено: 28.04.2012
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