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Hillsong Young And Free - Where You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hillsong Young And Free - Where You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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Where You Are
Hillsong Young And Free
Where You Are
Hillsong Young & Free

Key - B (no capo)

Intro - E7M   (7th fret), C#m11 (7th fret), G#m11 (2nd fret), F# (2nd fret)

*Verse 1

E7M      C#m11 
I lived, Heart on a wire
G#m11            F#
Hand in the fire for so long
E7M                         C#m11
But You've shown me better, A new kind of love
G#m11              F#
It's ever the one, I want


E7M                     C#m11
I'm lifting you higher, higher
G#m11                    F#
There's nothing that I'd rather do
E7M                  C#m11
A sweet elevation of praises
G#m11                           F#
There's no one I love more than You


I never knew a-
E7M            C#m11
Love like this before, The kind of life that- 
G#m11               F#
I cannot find on my own, I've seen the world but I have- 
E7M           C#m11
Never been so sure, That I want Your- 
G#m11        F#                        E7M    C#m11
Heart, God I just want to be where You are
         G#m11   F#
Where You are, I just want to be where You are

*Verse 2 (Repeat chords from Verse 1)

Your love, like nothing I've seen
My wildest of dreams don't come close
Life never no better than living like this
I cannot resist You Lord


          E7M                    C#m11
And after all this time with You by my side
        G#m11                           F#   
I can't imagine what it'd be like on my own
             E7M                    C#m11
I've made up my heart, this love is all I've got
               G#m11                        F#
And You're the only one I know worth living for
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