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Hilary Duff - Way - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Hilary Duff - Way - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Hilary Duff
This song I learned from downloading the DEMO through live wire. It has an easy melody
not very difficult to play. This song was written by Hilary Duff and Parys Sylver. The
are right under each other and the bridge is spoken. These are the piano tabs, i have 
to submit the bass and guitar. Also there is a cello.


C     Eb
The   way…
You speak to me,
Eb      D      C   Bb...     D   Eb
Can't  get o-ver…        the way
You    ne-ver raise…       your voice

C        D    F   Eb        D     C
Stays on   my   heart, the way,
Even on   our   dark---est day
C     D     Eb  D       Eb D
   Bb  G
You used to  chase a-way   all my   gray
You al----ways know what to say
D  Eb       D     Eb    D     Eb
Ev-ry    time   I'm with you
To       com---fort   me (Tricky vibrato, very Christina Aguilera)
D      Eb    Bb    D  C  C#
It's  like    I'm on  a   ride
Is    this    re—a--li----ty?
Eb     D    Eb     D  Eb  Eb
And   I'll   do    an-ny-thing

Ab Bb   B   D    C
To look in your eyes

Bb   C   D
It's the way,

Eb   D    C     Bb    C#
The way you touch me

Bb     C      D
Things you say

Eb       D    C     Bb    C#
Makes me  be----lieve

Bb      C      D
That  one   day

Eb       D    C      Bb    C#
I will   fi---nally  under-stand,

C#    Bb   Ab  B     D     C#  C
How did   I     find such a  man?

F      Eb  D    C
It's  in   the way

(Bridge Spoken)
So many years, I was alone
Been all around the world, but never home
With you all the pain, just subsides,
And only you, I can confide
And everyday
At night I pray
You'll never go away
It's in the Way!

Repeat Chorus
Добавлено: 02.05.2012
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