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Henry Smith - Mum And Dad - аккорды и текст, видео

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Henry Smith - Mum And Dad - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mum And Dad
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Band- Mum and Dad

verse 1
  C                                                           F
 From as far as i remember back, when i was just a child, the hours that my 
 mum and daddy worked.
 C                                               F
 To raise a loving family of a girl and two boys who 
                      G                  C
 my mum and dad loved more than all the world.

verse 2
  C                                                      F
 My sister was the first one to up and spread her wings, mama cried it 
 broke my daddys heart.
  C                                                                 F
 Well i guess they never realised how fast the years had flown, till the 
                   G               C
 first had left to make it on her own. 

  C     F                         C                        F
 Ohh the years have flown and your childrens all left home, but we love you
 just the same.
  F                  C                              F
 Too many good times outweigh the bad, and your the best friends i could 
        C     ( F                G       C   /Normal end chorus chords/
 ever have ... (your the best....mum and dad.)
              (last time this bit too)

verse 3
 My older brother he's a tough one, i'm proud to share his name it didnt 
  F                             C
 take too long till Sam became a man.
 C                                                       F
 Living life to the full, where ever he may roam, now he's got a wife and
  G             C
 children of his own.

Chorus x 2 (second time include "your the best mum and dad")
  every time you play chorus use end chords 

End Hope you like it check henry Smith out on youtube or 
Добавлено: 07.06.2013
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