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Hayden - Motel - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hayden - Motel - аккорды и текст, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Ab   Eb/G  Fdim        Cm/Eb
  I agree,   we should leave, 
Eb/Bb        Ab    Eb/Bb             Ab  
  Here in an hour,   or better right now,
F          Bb     G           Ab
  Or we'll never,   lift this anchor.
Ab         Eb/G  Fdim        Cm/Eb
  Touch my skin,   and let us begin,
Eb/Bb            Ab    Eb/Bb          Ab  
  To notice each other   and not some monitor,
F                    Bb      G              Ab        
  And let's not tell anyone,   about what's going on.

|Eb/G Ab     |Ab Bb      |Eb         |
Ab        Eb/G  Fdim               Cm/Eb  
  Say you will,   and I'll drive until,
Eb/Bb        Ab        Eb/Bb            Ab  
  We hit the mountains,   or maybe just hills,
F            Bb       G               Ab
  Or we lose signal,   or just have a little.

Ab         Eb     Ab          Eb  
  I know a motel,   along the Coastal,
F             Bb     G                   Ab
  It's pretty awful,   but they'll leave us alone.
|Eb/G Ab     |Ab Bb      |
|Ab   Eb/G  |Fdim Cm/Eb|Eb/Bb  Ab  |Eb/Bb  Ab  |F     Bb   |G     Ab  |x3
|Eb/G Ab     |Ab Bb      |

Ab           Eb/G  Fdim             Cm/Eb  
  I can't go on,    pretending this song,
Eb/Bb            Ab     Eb/Bb      Ab  
  Is about young lovers,   born to run,
F              Bb       G      Ab   
  When it's so clearly   about you and me.

Ab      Eb/G  Fdim            Cm/Eb  
  And I agree,   we'll get no sleep,
Eb/Bb      Ab       Eb/Bb         Ab  
  Until we strap her,   into that seat,
F               Bb              G           Ab   
  And stop this terrible sound   by driving her around,

Ab                  Eb     Ab          Eb  
  'Til we pass that motel,   along the Coastal,
Ab            Eb     F                   Bb
  It's pretty awful,   but one time we just might,
G                Ab
  Stay there and sleep through the night.
|Eb/G Ab     |Ab Bb      |Eb         | 
Добавлено: 07.06.2016
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